Stump Grinding 101

Stump grinding can remove an unsightly tree stump that has been left where a tree has been cut down or removed. These stumps can be unappealing, are difficult to get rid of, and present a hazard in your garden. The stumps can also become a habitat for pests such as termites, snakes and spiders. Leaving your stump for too long can cause issues which are expensive for property owners to fix, such as when the wood begins to rot and creates an unstable sinkhole.

Calling in a professional to remove your stump for you will save you more time, money and energy, and cause fewer headaches, than attempting to dig out or burn a stump, or hiring a stump grinder to perform the work yourself. At Capital Tree Removal, our friendly, reliable tree care professionals will perform the work efficiently and to a high standard that will exceed your expectations.

Our customer service is second-to-none. We always ensure our work meets your unique requirements, and is completed on time and within your budget. Our arborists are efficient, professional, friendly, reliable and take the stress out of tree removal. We’ll treat your property like our own: no damage to your property or garden, and we’ll always clean up after a day’s work. 

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At Capital Tree Removal Canberra, we use specialised equipment and machinery to break apart and grind the stump into smaller chips that we can then mulch on-site or remove from your property. We usually remove all the wood material, going to below ground level. We can also remove old, large tree roots attached to the stump for you, which is important if you wish to plant new trees, shrubs or flowers nearby.

 The costs of stump grinding can vary according to the size of the stump, the accessibility of the site and number of stumps to be removed. However, we offer very competitive rates for the Canberra region. Give Capital Tree Removal Canberra a call today to discuss your stump grinding needs.