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PRofessional Canberra Tree Removal

Tree removal is a last resort, but there are situations where it may be required, such as when a tree:

  • Is dead or dying
  • Presents a hazard to people or property that cannot be properly managed through trimming or pruning
  • Is causing an obstruction or damaging surrounding structures, including underground services such as plumbing
  • Is causing damage to ecosystems and should be replaced by a more suitable tree species
  • Is required to be removed to enable commencement of a construction project.

Not sure if your tree needs to be removed? Capital Tree Removal can conduct a free, no obligation verbal assessment to advise you on the best options for tree management, including removal if required.

The arborists at Capital Tree Removal Canberra are highly experienced in the Canberra region, and have the necessary skills and equipment to carry out the most complex tree removal tasks safely, on time and on budget.

We Offer a Range of Tree Removal Services:


Free on-site inspection and verbal assessment


Risk assessment and tree removal strategy


Complete all required tree removal paperwork


Trimming and removal services


Organise traffic management as required


Clean and remove all materials from the worksite

What are the signs of a dangerous tree?

These can be difficult to spot, but if you see any of these key indicators, it’s time to call an Arborist such as Capital Tree Removal Canberra:

 – The tree is lurching or leaning

– Branches are falling to the ground or dying

– Large hollows or splits in the tree

– Mushrooms growing at the base